Changing the view of how to improve operational efficiency in your hospital can’t be achieved by simply implementing software. McKesson are committed to supporting our clients with practical, proactive advice and services from initial implementation to mature use of our solutions.

The McKesson ANZ team includes 12 specialist Services Consultants across Australia and New Zealand. They’re here to assist you with training, support, and consultations. McKesson consultants have expertise and experience spreads across clinical management, hospital capacity planning and workforce management.

We back this team with access to additional domain and technical expertise based in McKesson’s offices throughout the USA.

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Project management services

McKesson provide a dedicated project management service to help ensure your smooth implementations or upgrades. Our consultants will work in with your own internal project management team.

Clinical change management

Knowing how to embed McKesson’s solution into day to day clinical practice is essential to realising the value of this technology. We have consultants with clinical management experience who can work with your clinical teams to deliver results for them right from implementation stage.

Functional training

Embedding a McKesson solution into the daily operations of a hospital requires comprehensive initial training and then ongoing refreshing. Our team will work with operational and clinical staff to ensure they have a good practical understanding of our solutions and can continue to develop their skills over time.

Configuration changes

When existing customers want to adjust their current McKesson solution to accommodate a change in hospital environment (eg incorporating a new facility or ward, changes in nursing award structures), an Operation Consultant will help to assess the best way to do so and implement the configuration adjustment.

Solution enhancements

As McKesson products enhancements are released, our Consultants will ensure your systems are updated without any impact on daily operations, as well as providing a clear understanding of the additional benefits being delivered.

Solution reviews

A Consultant can examine your hospital’s current operations situation and recommend opportunities to increase efficiency by utilising features of McKesson solutions that aren’t already in daily hospital practice, or assessing the opportunity for implementing other McKesson solutions to meet an identified need.

Capacity planning consulting

You have the option of engaging McKesson as your outsourced capacity planning consultant as an additional resource or an alternative to completing these tasks in-house. This would involve a Consultant working closely with your hospital management to build short and medium-term resource and capacity plans.

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