Our Shared Principles define who we are at McKesson, and where we are going.

In short, it’s about values. Our work at McKesson, at every level of the organisation and in every role, is driven by our shared principles, known as ICARE. These principles unite all employees at McKesson, connecting us across business units, geography and functional areas. Living out these values defines and shapes the culture at McKesson and enables us to make a positive difference.


We do what’s right. Integrity is the impartial and honest standard by which we make decisions and take actions, large and small, every day. In our business, integrity is mandatory, not optional.


We succeed when you succeed. We put our customers first, no matter what job we hold, no matter whether we work alone or as part of a team. A customer is anyone, even a co-worker, to whom we have a responsibility to help succeed.


We take personal responsibility. We accomplish on time, on budget, as promised. Part of accountability is pulling your weight as part of a team and actively sharing information and effort.


We treat people with dignity and consideration. We are diverse as people and professionals, yet our success depends on our mutual trust and teamwork. Diversity builds strength in our team. We are strongest when we are respected by our colleagues and encouraged to contribute to our highest capabilities.


We insist on quality. Even as we challenge each other to the highest level of achievement and quality, we also understand that growth is born from risk.

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